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    1. Hello, Welcome To Suzhou Prayone M&E Co., Ltd ! 中文版 | English
      Consultation hotline

      Consultation hotline:



      Address:No. 9 Tianlizhu Road, Suzhou City, China

      current location: Products > tubular steel carriers

      tubular steel carriers

      • Consultation hotline:0512-66263364
      • product details

      Product information:
      • Product name: carrier, wire carriers, coil carriers, tubular wire carriers, tubular steel carriers, steel wire carrier, shipping carrier
      • Material: carbon steel
      • Capacity: 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, etc. (according to customer’s requirement.)
      • Surface treatment: powder coating/no treatment.
      • Processing flow: saw material, CNC pipe bending, welding, grinding, powder coating.
      • Product features: reusable, strong and durable.
      • Service: “tailor made” service can be offered for all the carriers. All the drawings shall be sent to customer for confirmation before production.