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      Correctly face the problems existing in the process of section steel bending

      Source of the article:admin Publication time:2022-01-26

      With the progress of technology, section steel bending has become a very common processing technology, but in the actual operation process, we find that there are still many problems in section steel bending, which will certainly affect the final effect of the process. Next, the problems in section steel bending circle are listed and then solved.

      The implementation of section steel bending is of great help to the production, which can not only meet the requirements, but also reduce the resilience of the section steel itself. To a certain extent, the accuracy of the section steel has also been significantly improved. However, such process technology will be affected by many factors in the forming process, such as the properties of section steel itself, friction conditions and so on, so the main problem lies in the control of parameters and springback during bending.

      After finding out the problem, we should try to solve it. The problem of parameters can only be solved through a long time of testing and experience. If we predict the springback of section steel circular bending, it is the focus of our next research, so as to ensure the accuracy of the final product.

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