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      Which method do you usually use to cut the spiral blade

      Source of the article:admin Publication time:2022-01-26

      Usually, each part has its own set of working mode, and the spiral blade is no exception, which mainly refers to its cutting mode. There are many common ways of cutting spiral blades, including which? Let's have a look.

      A good blanking method is also very helpful to improve production efficiency, so the corresponding blanking method should be selected in different situations. The simpler one is the formula method, which also uses the relevant formula to calculate the blanking size of spiral blade. However, this method also has some shortcomings, such as small inner diameter of blank, large size deviation, more process materials, etc. Therefore, the formula method can only be used when a small amount of spiral blades or lack of spiral blades.

      The other is the triangle method, which is a little more complex, but it can calculate the blanking size of spiral blade, and the precision of pressed products is relatively high. There is also the expansion calculation method. Although it must meet the requirements, the implementation is too complex and many factors need to be considered.

      It can be seen that although there are many cutting methods of spiral blades, it is found that the triangular method is feasible, so it has become the main method.

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