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      What are the defects in pipe bending?

      Source of the article:admin Publication time:2022-01-26

      Bend tube widely used in our life, use in the crucial position also have a few, so the quality of bend tube can say is to decide our quiet. However, the existence of bending pipe defect of bending tube machine has a great negative effect on the quality of bending pipe fitting.
      The thickness of the pipe wall is thinner, and the ability of the internal pressure of the lower pipe is affected, and its utilization performance is affected. The distortion of the section shape of the bending tube may lead to the decrease of the cross-sectional area, thus increasing the resistance of the fluid motion and the effect of the pipe fitting in the layout. The corrugation of the inner wall of tube will not only reduce the strength of the pipe, but also cause the uneven velocity of the moving medium, and the accumulation of fouling in the vortex and the bending parts will be produced, which will affect the normal utilization of the bent pipe fitting. The rebound sign must make the bending Angle of the pipe more than the predetermined Angle, so that the precision of bending process is low. Therefore, the corresponding step should be adopted before the bending system to prevent the occurrence of the above defects, so as to obtain the aspirant pipe fitting, the performance index and surface quality of the product. From technology exposition, the common defects of pipe bender bending important has the following situation: arc bum flat (oval), severe lateral wall thinning amount is too large, the inside arc lateral bending crack, wrinkle and bending springback, etc.

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