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      Pipe bending play an important role in pipe fitting industry

      Source of the article:admin Publication time:2022-01-26

      Major projects in the pipe industry, the bend is the most important role, the role of the bent pipe should not be ignored, at the same time, other areas in the country, in the construction of the bend are taking vital role, bend in the petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, such as oil gas field has important role, and demand has a rapid growth, industry scale expands unceasingly, pipe fittings products continued strong demand, the application of the advanced equipment and technology is an important driving force, so my company to keep increasing the financial input in technology of pipe bending, timely innovation technique and technology of the bend, bend become bottlenecks in the industry, and at the completion of domestic demand, on the basis of efforts to open the international market, to become an international leading bend and bend technology exports.

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